Instagram integration

1. Linking Facebook and Instagram accounts

2. Connecting Instagram to EddyDesk

3. Setting up and working with the channel

4. Additional information and features of the integration



Linking Facebook and Instagram accounts


To connect Instagram to your Facebook account, go to the page settings and open the "Instagram" tab. Then click the "Connect account" button and enter your username and password:




Connecting Instagram to EddyDesk


Now that you've linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can connect your page to the system. To do this, go to "Setting up communication channels" and click "Add Channel" button.



From the list of channels, select "Instagram" and the default department to create requests from that channel, then do the following steps:


1. Click on the "Login via Facebook" button:



2. Log in to FB under the administrator profile of the necessary pages to which Instagram accounts are connected:



3. Select the Instagram accounts you wish to connect:



4. Select the FB pages to which the selected Instagram accounts are connected:



5. Confirm the admin account accesses, page accesses, and Instagram accounts:



Then complete the connection, and if the connection is successful, the channel status will show "Connection successfully established!":



In case of problems with page connection, go to "Facebook -> Settings -> Business Integration" and remove the active "EddyDesk" integration, after which the connection procedure can be repeated.


Setting up and working with the channel


In the channel editing menu you will be able to prohibit or allow some settings, depending on which will create requests from certain sources in the system:

  • Instagram Direct personal message;  
    • @mentions in stories;
    • Replies to stories.
  • Post on Instagram wall;
  • Send files with links.


Once the connection and settings are complete, you will be able to start receiving and responding to posts from Instagram that will appear in the system as requests. A corresponding icon will appear next to the requests from Instagram, and the subject of the request will show its source (Direct message or wall post):



Additional information and integration features


Please note that although the integration is official, there are certain technical limitations in it at the moment, due to which some of the functionality is presented in this form. We steadily monitor the changes in the technical documentation on the side of Instagram, and as soon as the appropriate tools appear on their side, we will make the necessary updates to improve the work of the integration with the channel.


In particular, you may encounter the following features:


1) If one and the same Instagram user writes to your page in direct and then leaves a comment under the post, two different contacts will be created in the system: for direct the full user name from Instagram will be pulled up, but in the contact of the user who left a comment only his Instagram login will be displayed - this is a technical limitation on the social network side. 


In the future, probably, this point will be corrected, but as a temporary solution we can already offer to use the function of combining contacts in the system. It can recognize similar contacts, and you will be able to merge two contacts into one user, so he will have common requests both from Direct and from posts on the wall:



2) There is also currently no way to reply to a user in a comment under a repost in replies. Alternatively, you can mention the desired user from within the system via @ + reply:



In this case, the user, though not under his comment in the replies, will still receive a response, as well as appropriate notification: