Facebook integration #223

To connect the Facebook channel, you must first create a Facebook page. Log in with your Facebook account, go to the Settings section and click the Create page button:



Choose the name of your page, category and click Start. After creating the page, you can set the cover, avatar, as well as the short name of your page on which you can search in Facebook. Facebook page example:



If you want to receive from your Facebook page both posts, comments and private messages, you need to edit the "Message" button and set the necessary message for receiving:



Setting up the button to receive messages:



Click the Save button, your button on the page will look like Message, after that you can easily receive personal messages from clients both on the Facebook page and in the HelpDeskEddy system.


Now you need to connect your Facebook-page to the HelpDeskEddy system.

Go to Settings - Incoming Mail Settings - Channels - Facebook - Sign in with Facebook.



After clicking on the "Add Channel" button, you must allow HelpDeskEddy to access your account, select the necessary pages to connect to the system, and allow the application access to the settings and functions of these pages. Then click the Continue button.



If Facebook page is successfully connected to HelpDeskEddy, you can see the name and unique number (ID) of the page, as well as a message about the successful connection.



From now any user (client) who uses a Facebook account can write you a personal message, post or comment on a post, and you will see it as a ticket in your system.

An example of a client's personal message:



The message will show up in the system as a usual ticket:



Also a user card will be created for the client who wrote you a message with his data from Facebook:



When you reply in the system, the client will receive a message in the form of a normal Facebook message:



So you can connect the Facebook channel and process tickets from a single system, while the client will use the usual way of communication - social network.