Facebook integration

In order to connect a Facebook channel, you must first create a Facebook page. If you already have one, please skip this step.

To create a new page, log in to your Facebook account, open "Pages" and click "+ Create new Page" button:



Please provide all the required information. After creating the page, you can set the cover, avatar, as well as the short name of your page by which you can search on Facebook. If you want to receive both posts and comments and private messages from your Facebook page, you must click on the "+ Add button", select "Send Message" and follow the settings (it'll help you to test the page right after your finish set up integration):



Now you need to connect your Facebook page to HelpDeskEddy.

From the "Management" open "Setting up communication channels" menu, click on "Add channel" button and select "Facebook" channel from the list and choose the department below. Then you need to log in to Facebook (using the administrator profile of the required page) from the system using the button "Log in via Facebook":



After authorization, you need to select the page that you want to use to connect to the system and give access when working with the page, after which the configuration will be completed:



You can also view and edit your connection settings in the "Business Integrations" section for your Facebook account. After successful connection of the Facebook page, you will be able to see the name and unique number (ID) of the page:



When reconnecting or connecting another page to the system from the same account, you will need to click "Edit settings" button after authorization:



And select another page to connect to the system:



After successful connection, users/clients can write a personal message, post or comment to the post on your page using a Facebook account, and you will see any of the messages in the form of a request in your system:



You can regulate how messages are received using the "Channel settings" option. For example if you want to get only personal messages from the page:



If you need to reconnect the integration to the system or remove previously connected integrations to Facebook, open "Settings" -> "Business Integration", where you will get access to viewing, editing, and deleting the connected integrations.

To remove the integration, select the desired one and press the corresponding button: