With YouScan you can easily send feedback about your product to HelpDeskEddy - Help Desk, Service Desk system for quality support. Integration with HelpDeskEddy can greatly simplify your customer support process to respond to your brand references.


How to configure HelpDeskEddy integration into the YouScan:

  1. Go to the topic you want to configure the integration in the Integration menu;
  2. Select HelpDeskEddy integration;
  3. Specify the subdomain you are using in HelpDeskEddy;
  4. We have sent you a test reference. Check what it looks like in the HelpDeskEddy tickets;
  5. Done! The integration is configured and ready to use. What could be easier?



Using the Rules function, you can set the conditions for automatic sending of mentions to another system. For example: send all reviews to HelpDeskEddy.



Create a rule. Now, all new mentions to the specified filter will be automatically added to HelpDeskEddy.



You can also send individual mentions manually:



This is how the HelpDeskEddy's mention will look like:



Good luck!