Channel settings

To receive requests in the system, it's necessary to connect their sources, channels. This can be done by going to the "Setting up communication channels" section through the "Management" module.



For user's access (group of users) to this section responsible settings in the "Groups, access rights".



You can also only grant permissions to view a section.

When you connect, you can select all of the currently existing and working sources for receiving requests. You will also need to choose which department should receive requests.


More information about setting up each channel can be found in separate articles of the Knowledge Base, in the category "Application channels".


After you have connected and configured the channel. You need to check:


1. Access of employees to the Department to which requests will be received.

You can configure access for a user group while editing it in the "Groups, user rights" section.



Access is also setting in the user card itself.




2. By default, work with requests from social networks and messengers are handled through module "Omnichannel." Whereas in the "Requests" section, all sources of requests are available. When you are setting up work for the Omnichannel section, connected new channels to be displayed must be added in the module subsection - "Omnichannel Settings"



For more information, see the article - Omnichannel.


3. You can use the "Error Log" for each channel to check the connection status or if there is any problem to figure it out. Once a channel is connected, it appears in the general list in the section, where general information, error log and browsing, editing, and deleting of the source become available.



You can download and clear the log. If you need to clear it, move the cursor over the heading "Error" for the opportunity to appear.



Access to the "Error log" is also available when editing a channel. If an error occurs, the system informs about it with a pop-up banner.



If you have any errors when connecting or working with any source of incoming requests to the system, check the Error Log. If you have any difficulties with figure out the error, please contact our support - we will be happy to help you!