Viber integration

To connect your Viber bot to EddyDesk, you should first create it or use a bot that was created before.

Go to the partners' page: and authorize under your account. After authorization you will be able to create a new bot:



Here you can add a picture, description, site, category, location, etc.. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on "Create".


Once created, you can copy the token in the notification window of bot creation:



Or by clicking on "Info" you can view all the necessary information about the bot, including its Token, which is needed to connect to EddyDesk.



You do not need to additionally confirm the bot, it is enough to verify your account when registering at


To connect a channel to the system:

  • open "Setting up communication channels" menu and click on "Add Channel" button:



  • Choose Viber channel, department, insert the API Token in the "Bot key" field and click "Synchronize and Save". If the connection is successful, you will receive a message about the successful saving of the settings:



After connecting the bot to EddyDesk, you can open the following link to check if it works: 


Where * your bot's name.


When a request to the connected bot is received, the request will be displayed in EddyDesk and Viber contact will be added to the user card:



For the client communication will take place within the messenger as a usual chat, for example:


How it will look from the operator's side: