Connecting AppFollow allows you to respond from the system to user comments on an app that posted to the AppStoreGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore etc.



Instructions on how to connect some of the most used platforms can be found in the articles on

To connect the service to your EddyDesk system, you need to register on the platform website and add the mobile app stores you use.

Then in the "Integrations" section create a new integration using "Email":



Specify the email address that you use in EddyDesk for incoming email and set the settings for filtering feedback.

After that, the system will start to receive customer feedback about your app:



For each feedback you can response once on behalf of the developer of the application. If you add your response, it will completely replace the original one, if the customer adds a response you will also have the opportunity to add another one. 


Please note that from the moment of sending a response to its appearance in the application store can take from one hour or more.

Your response to the feedback should not exceed the maximum message size of 350 characters.


For successful work with the integration, pay attention to the followings:

  • In addition to the connected integration with your system, you also need connected integration with the application store such as Google Play or the App Store. This allows you to send a response to the received feedback and also increases the frequency of checking feedback from three times a day to once an hour;
  • App Store reserves a 12-hour window to check your response, whether it is new or just edited;
  • In order for all feedbacks to come in, not "Only featured", you need to uncheck the checkboxes when editing Email integration in AppFollow: