Analytics allows you to get quick access to statistical information about the work of the department and the company in real time.


The setting in the "Groups access rights" section is responsible for displaying the module for the user. You can give access in the Reports tab, while editing the selected group of users.


The module includes sections  

  • Overview
  • Channels
  • Employees

In the "Overview" section, you can see the number of received tickets, which are being processed and completed (various statuses of requests) for the selected period of time:

  • month;
  • week;
  • day (displays the statistics of requests by hour).


Circular diagrams on the number of tickets from various sources of receipt to the system and customer assessments.

In this section, you can interact with the elements of the diagrams, adjusting them in a way to display the information you need.

In order to hide the data from the source you need to click on the color next to the name of the channel. 


The "Channels" section allows you to set the SLA for the first response for verification and filter by Departments and various sources of incoming requests to the system at the present time (for today).


As well as the "Overview" section, you can interact with the diagram by disabling and enabling the display of the average response time and the average time for all responses.

The "Employees" section helps to filter and monitor the time in which each of the specialists is in a certain status.

For example, you can check how long an employee has been "Online" or "On hold", or how long he has been "Offline".