Time spent tracking (billing)

Very often, the management needs to know how much time an employee spent on a particular task.


The HelpDeskEddy system implements the ability to track the time spent on requests (the so-called billing).

 It is also available to generate reports based on this data. To do this, select "Billing report" in the "Reports" module and then request the report itself:



There are two options for recording labor costs per minute:


1. The employee himself sets the spent time using the Billing button inside the ticket, he can indicate both spent and paid time.



2. You can use the plugin to auto-record the spent time. With its help, the time of actions in the ticket, changes in the executor, status, type, etc. will be recorded. The time taken to respond will also be recorded.


For example, if an employee writes an answer, then the time of writing the text is taken into account, if the employee is distracted by 10-15 minutes, and then continued to write, then only the time will be taken into account when it was spent on writing the text, or on performing any action (changes ) status, performer, etc.), and not the time for which I was distracted.


To enable the plugin, install the Autobilling plugin.



Next, the plugin editing window will open. For make it work correctly, you need to set access to the Departments and User Groups, as well as activate the plugin.

No other settings apply to this plugin, pay attention to this!



After that test its operation in ticket. After adding an answer or other action, an automatic record will appear, which can be checked through the "Billing" button on the request's working panel.