Chat channel report

The chat report allows you to get detailed statistics on the tickets that come into the system from various communication channels: VK, FB, OK, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, as well as the chat widget.

In the report you can specify the period for which you need to get information, filter requests by department and then download the data as .csv file:



The following parameters will be displayed in the report:

  1. Channel - the source where the chat came from;
  2. Number of chats;
  3. Answered - the number of chats with answers from the agent;
  4. Not answered - the number of chats withut answers from the agent;
  5. Transfered - the number of chats that were transferred to another agent;
  6. The average speed of the first answer (in minutes) is the average value: the time from the moment chat was created to the first agent's response;
  7. The average speed of all answers (in minutes) is the average time between each agent's response to each client’s response, not including the first message;
  8. Average time of conversation (in minutes) is the time from the moment the call is received until it is closed;
  9. Feedback "+" (chat) - the number of positive feedback from the chat;
  10. Feedback "-" (chat) - the number of negative feedback from the chat;
  11. No feedback (chat) - the number of feedbacks from the chat without reviews;
  12. Number of tickets answered before 60 sec - the number of tickets where the answer was written within 60 seconds (30 seconds for chat);
  13. Number of tickets answered after 60 sec - the number of tickets where the answer was written after 60 seconds (30 seconds for chat);


More details about Omnichannel module can be found in our knowledge base.