Marketplace / Plugins

The section "Marketplace / Plugins" makes it possible to use plugins from the Marketplace and custom ones, created independently, for various tasks to aim improving and adding the necessary functional features for better experience of working with the system.


If you would like to develop your own plugins, please contact After development, if you wish, you can put them on the marketplace and determine their cost. If you have a desire to get a plugin, you can contact our partners by writing to them at


The section is available in the "Management" module. For displaying the section you need to set users access for the selected user group (employees) in the responsible section "Groups, access rights".



The "Plugins" shows all installed plugins in the system, allows you to disable, change or remove a plugin.



After installing chosen plugin, you need to go to editing it and configure it according to the instructions. Let's consider the configuration steps using the Bitrix24 plugin as an example. Most of the settings are set initially and it is not recommended to change them, unless otherwise specified in the instructions.

Turn on the plugin - the Activity field.

Plugin type - since the plugin provides data from the Bitrix24 platform, we can choose between a pop-up and a dialog box. The background plugin type will not work for us.

Display access, you must select in which Departments and for which groups of users the plug-in will be available.

Button settings - set the name, color of text, choose icon and background-color of the button.

Next step, we will need to connect the used platform to our system, you can do this in the Variables tab, following the instructions.


If you have any questions about setting up a plugin or about it's work please contact its creator.


The subsection "Marketplace" contains all working and current versions of plugins developed by our partners and us. The subsection presents plugins of the company "EddyPlugins", more details about their developments can be found on the site - Modules and useful tools for HelpDeskEddy (


Each plugin includes: a short description of the issue it solves, information about the author and cost, a link to instructions and an email address for contacting the author. The "Install" button allows you to download the plugin to your system. When the plugin is updated, you can also update it using the button in the "Marketplace" subsection.