Working with partners, mentioning the user

This option is especially relevant for communication with your partners, with whom you can now communicate as part of the customer's request. For example, we have received a request from the customer regarding the delivery of the product and you need to check with the delivery service. How can you do this in the system?

We are facing a situation when you need to connect a partner to the ticket (to specify something or get advice).


You mention the required partner (in this case from the delivery service) in the user's comments through the symbol @ + name of the colleague, and he receives a notification about it to his e-mail.

Answer of the partner via e-mail will come to the same ticket as a Comment - clients will not see it, but you will have the opportunity to quote this comment.

By the way, the Partner can be included in the correspondence with the client, using the same feature, but in response. In this case, the response from the Partner will be visible to the client.

Please note that a partner must be established in our system.


You can edit the content of the notification in the menu "Management" -> "Notifications" -> "Template of the letter - Mention of the user in the application", where you can change the template at your discretion. For example, add the tag "last 7 responses in the request" to the notification.


You can also send notifications using the rules of the dispatcher. To do this, turn off the notification in "Notifications" menu and create a new rule in the Manager.

Then add a required condition "User's mention in the comment" and send an e-mail to the mentioned users. 

For example:

You were mentioned in the request {unique_id}.

Comment with mentioning: {last_comment}

The last answers in the application form: {ticket_posts}


Then save it.

Now when you mention the user in the comment the rule of the dispatcher will work and the partner will receive the notice of it to his email.

The partner in the system can be registered as a client and, accordingly, there is no need to pay for him/her.


More details can be found in the video:


If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer you on our support portal or by e-mail