Customer Satisfaction Rating

To activate the Customer Satisfaction Rating feature, go to Management à Claim Settings, tick the "Customer Satisfaction Rating", and also set the Automatic Email Sending with a request to provide feedback about their support experience by rating their solved tickets.;

  • When the ticket is closed, after a specified time, customers receive an email with a request to provide feedback about their support experience (you can change the template in the Management à Notifications à  Ticket Feedback Request section;
  • Customers can also provide feedback using a customer’s portal;

How it works:

  • When you enable customer satisfaction ratings, аfter the amount of time specified in the settings, end-users receive an email after the ticket has been set to closed that asks them to briefly evaluate their experience. The survey is designed to maximise the response rate by being quick and simple while also gathering the essential data: a positive or negative rating. Customers can also provide a comment if they want.
  • Customers can also evaluate their experience in their Personal portal;
  • In the ticket, the agent sees the customer’s comment and rating - but cannot change them in any way;
  • If necessary, the agent can send a repeated request to the customer - for evaluation. For example, the agent updated the ticket with a new information and the customer could be pleased and able to thank the agent with a positive feedback;
  • Reports - For agents (the number of positive and negative feedback, as well as the satisfaction ratio) and the List of Tickets with a feedback;