Management of Departments (Company Departments)

Departments are a kind of "divisions" that exist in the system for the separation of the visibility of certain tickets. Agents may be located in different departments and then they will not be able to access tickets from other departments. Agents can also have access to several departments at the same time and the ticket, in turn, can move across the different departments during the work process.


For example ticket may come to the Legal Department and in the process of work go to the Accounting Department. At the first stages of work, ticket is not available to accountants and does not distract them from work.

Departments are created in the section Settings -> Departments.


Each department has:

  • Title;
  • SLA deadline - deadline for new tickets received by this department by default;
  • Outbox, where you specify from which mailbox notifications will be sent to the client. These settings can be obtained from your mail service or mail server administrator. In the settings you must specify the name of the sender and make SMTP settings. When you click on the "Send a test letter" button, you will receive a notification about the successful sending, if the settings have been completed correctly.
    Please note that these settings must be specified in order to avoid spamming your emails on your clients side;
  • Inbox - letters will be recieved from it in the system as a tickets. When you first connect it, the system will take the last 100 letters. We recommend you to turn off Notifications before collecting letters, in order to avoid sending letters about creating tickets and register mails to users.


Next are the additional settings where you can:

  • specify the language and group that will be automatically set for the new user. This means that the client who writes to the department, where the default language is, for example, English, will automatically be set up English in his personal profile in the system, and the notification templates will be sent to him in English;
  • The third item is responsible for the mail notifying of agents when a new tickets arrives;
  • “Owners are only agents of the department” means that agents without access to the department will not be able to become an owner in the ticket;
  • If you tick the “Client's ticket view in the Public department" option, the agent who views ticket in the public department will be limited to working with the ticket - he will only have the option of writing a reply and change the ticket fields. You can set the public department in the "Groups, rights Access" menu. More information about public departments can be found in this video:

  • Alias ​​boxes, which must be separated by commas. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to divide to which alias-mailbox the letter was sent, indicating for example these mailboxes in different departments. More info about alias boxes can be found in this article;
  • Unified avatar for department agents , which will be displayed in a letter when you use the tag Last 7 or 14 responses in the ticket;
  • The unified name of agents - the name will be displayed instead of the names of specific agents. For example, you can specify “Customer support” as a unified name;
  • And the last point is the signature of the department. You can add this signature to a letter by adding this tag in the Notification templates or in the dispatcher's rule.

Departments can be assigned to the entire user group in the "Groups, access rights" menu, or it can be done in the user card.