Groups, Access rights

The HelpDeskEddy system is a modular solution, which enables flexible user rights management.
Groups are used for rights management. To edit them, go to the Management - "Groups, access rights" menu.
By default, foolow groups are created in the system:

  • Client;
  • Administrator;
  • Agent;

If necessary, you can create new ones.

In the list of groups you have a possibility to prohibit logging in to each of the groups by unchecking the Login blocking checkbox. For example, if you remove this checkmark from the Client group, client users will no longer be able to log in to the system.

To edit permissions - click on the pencil next to the group name. In this interface you can change the name of the group as well as the Type.
The group type is the main restriction of rights. There are 2 types of groups available in the system:

  • Agent;
  • Client.

The main difference between the Employee and the Client is that the Employee has the possibility to view other people's tickets, the client has only his own.
Note that the administrator is an employee when using the system. Also, when calculating the cost of using the service, we take into account only the employee type.

To change your rights, go to the necessary section and enable or disable the necessary modules for the selected group.
For example, if you want to disallow the closing of a request to a group of users, go to the section of request settings and check the "Disallow the closing of request" box.
Thus, you can manage access to various system features.

If you still have any questions or wishes about the system, please feel free to contact our support team by e-mail

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