Dispatcher - Rules - Basic information and concepts

The Task Manager will automate the processing of new inquiries and work with tickets. For example, tickets can be automatically updated with different properties and also assigned to specific agents, depending on the specified criteria.

When creating rules, please pay your attention to their priority, since only one rule can be executed against the ticket (in each rule, there can be an unlimited number of actions). When creating a set of rules, consider their structure, priorities and conditions.


To create rules, use the settings: Management à Task Manager. In this window you can edit existing rules or create new ones.

To change the priority of the rules, simply drag one rule over the other. The order of the rules is their priority (highest priority at the top).

Specify all the necessary information in the name and in the description of the rule - it will not be displayed anywhere, but may be relevant for the system administration in the future.

When creating a rule, the basic settings are as following:

  • There are 2 types of rules: all specified conditions or any one of the specified conditions are met;
  • A condition or set of conditions is specified;
  • An action or set of actions is specified.

After the rule is created, it starts working for all new tickets.

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