There are possibility to create a Global and Personal macroses in the system.

Macroses allow you to automate the work of the support service and significantly reduce the time for performing repetitive actions. For example, there are tickets that regularly need to change the department, appoint to a specific responsible party, change the priority and set SLA. Instead of a whole series of actions, by using prepared macros - all actions can be performed with one click.


To create a global macros, go from the "Management" to the Global Macros section and select "Add  a Global Macro."



To create a personal macros, click on your user icon (in the bottom left corner of the system) and go to "Personal Settings", then select "Macros" and "Add Macro".



hen you create a global macros the system will offer to set access (availability to users).

Access depends on the following:

  • by user's group - the macros will be available only to the specified user groups in the system;
  • by Departments - the macros will be available if the user has at least one access to the specified Departments.

Except it you need to add a set of actions that the macros will execute.


By default, macroses appear in the list:




You can find examples of creating a macros in our video.

If you have any questions - feel free to contact us - we will be happy to help!