Individual Fields in the Ticket

The system provides the ability to create the required fields in the ticket.

The fields are set up in the Management - Ticket Fields section. When you move to this section, you will be able to add a single field or a group of fields. Using the division of fields into groups, you have an opportunity to set your own fields for different departments (lines of business of the company). For example, there you can create a group of fields for technical support, and another group of fields - for financial issues.

When creating a group of fields, specify the departments in which these fields will be used.

After you have created the required group of fields, click on the Show Group Fields button. The control panel of the fields will open. To add a new field, click on the Add Field button. The system will offer you to enter:

  • Field name;
  • Availability by groups (you can limit the visibility of the field for certain groups of users, for example, do not display a note field for customers, or create a field for the order value, which will be visible only to managers, but not available to regular agents);
  • Field type.

Depending on the field type selected, you will need to fill in the necessary information (for example, if it is a pop-up list, it will be possible to enter available options).

In addition, the system will offer you to set the available rights for agents and customers (for example you can limit the customer in filling the required field, leaving the possibility of viewing only).

Also options are available to make the field mandatory for filling in when creating or closing a ticket.


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