Chat agents report

This report allows you to get detailed statistics on agents who work with chats from various communication channels: VK, FB, OK, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp and chat widget.

There you can specify the period you need to get information, filter tickets by department and then download the data in the csv file:



The following parameters will be displayed in the report:

  1. Agent - the name of the agent who worked with chats;
  2. Answered - the number of chats with answers from the agent;
  3. Not answered - the number of chats withut answers from the agent;
  4. Transfered - the number of chats that were transferred to another agent;
  5. The average speed of the first answer (in minutes) is the average value: the time from the moment chat was created to the first agent's response;
  6. The average speed of all answers (in minutes) is the average time between each agent's response to each client’s response, not including the first message;
  7. Average time of conversation (in minutes) is the time from the moment the call is received until it is closed;
  8. Feedback "+" (chat) - the number of positive feedback from the chat;
  9. Feedback "-" (chat) - the number of negative feedback from the chat;
  10. No feedback (chat) - the number of feedbacks from the chat without reviews;
  11. The time when agent was in the "Pending" status (in minutes);
  12. The time when operator was in the "Online" status (in minutes).

More details about omnichannel module can be found in our knowledge base.