Omnichannel management

"Omnichannel management" section has various tools for monitoring the quality of service. The management will have the following features:

  • Channels, here you can get a full, detailed analytics for all chats: the number of chats, the average time of the first answer and the average time of all answers for the current day by channels, as well as the number of chats with broken SLA for the first answer (default is 10 minutes):



  • Active chats. The supervisor or manager has the opportunity to see all the chats that agents are currently working with, view the chats itself, transfer the correspondence, appoint an executor and, if necessary, leave a comment for the employee. This tab also allows you to filter by department and channel, as well as sort by duration, activity and creating chats:


  • Operators. This menu displays all agent who work in the system, their current status, the number of active chats, the time since the last answer, as well as the average time of the first answer and all the answers for today:



  • The last menu will display all current Visitors of your site, their IP address, number of visits and time spent on the site, the current page and the page from which the transition was made: