Integration with IP telephony via API

Integration with IP telephony via API. This method depends on the capabilities of the telephone solution (popular solutions, such as Asterisk support these capabilities). The essence of the method is as follows: HelpDesk system agents are registered on the telephone exchange. At the moment when the operator picks up a telephone receiver (physically), the telephone exchange sends to HelpDeskEddy the information on it, and at the agent who has picked up a receiver, there is a window-card of a call. From this interface it is possible to create a request and view information about the client. When creating a request, the telephone exchange will attach the recorded phone call.


The necessary methods and API parameters for work can be found in the attached file.


Popular questions:

1. Where can I get the call_id variable?

  • in this GET method | / api/v2/telephony/show_call/{phone_number}/users/{?user_ids} will be given a call id.


2. What is the format of the phone number {phone_number} when transmitting?

  • Binding a call to a user is done by entering the number in this line. It is necessary to specify the number in the full format used in the system, for example, 7XXXXXXXXXXX0 or XXXXXXXXXXX0.