Setting up a connection to Mango telephony #204

In Mango's private office it is necessary:

  • Go to PBX Settings -> SIP Settings;
  • Open the "Security" tab and tick the "Free access" item, and then press the "Save" button;
  • Open the "SIP Accounts and Domains" tab and click "Create SIP Account";
  • In the opened window, fill in all the necessary fields, for example:


After you have created a SIP profile in Mango, you need to go to HelpDeskEddy and do the following:

  • Go to Management -> VOIP settings;
  • Press the "Add phone" button;
  • Fill in the profile settings according to the data specified when creating the SIP profile in Mango. Example of a completed profile:

  • Then press the "Save" button;
  • After saving, you should open the editing of the created phone and press the "Check connection" button. In case of success, the message "Connection established" will appear;
  • If the connection is established and the agent has the access to telephony, then in the Mango personal cabinet, in the PBX Settings -> SIP Settings section, in the "SIP accounts and domains" tab, next to the created profile the "Online" status will be specified.



To receive calls, you need to configure Mango incoming line (Call processing -> Voice menu and call distribution -> Incoming line settings), so that incoming calls will be received by the user specified in the SIP settings.