Basic IP telephony settings #200

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The IP telephony module in the HelpDeskEddy system works as a SIP client.

This module is part of online chat, so if you do not have online chat available, IP telephony will also not be available.

The system works with standard popular cloud telephony such as Zadarma or Mango. If a third party solution fails to connect, there may be a variety of reasons for this: denial of access to the connection by the telephony, closed ports, etc.

In this regard, there is a possibility of integrating telephony via API, but for this purpose you should have a technical specialist on your side, who will be able to carry out the integration.


To start working with telephony, first of all you need to make sure that the necessary accesses are set for the required group of agents in the menu "Groups, access rights", tab "Global modules" where you need to tick the box "Telephony" and save. After that it will be displayed on the panel at the top



The basic settings are as simple as possible: go to Management - VOIP Settings. The list of started incoming numbers will appear in the list. To add a new channel, press Add phone. You can also divide access to a certain number into groups.

After this setting, the number will appear in the list of available numbers and the message Connection is set - it means that the number is ready to receive calls.


Users will see a sidebar where they will see the avatars of the users they have talked to.

To set up outgoing calls, each user should go to Personal settings - VOIP and specify the outgoing number.


Once these settings are made, a green icon will appear - which allows making calls. You can enter either the client number or start entering the client name to make a call.


Agent need to be in "Online" status to receive a calls: