Chat API provides the ability to connect users to WhatsApp Business API via WhatsApp API 360 Dialog provider.

For more information regarding connecting WhatsApp Business API via Chat API, pricing, documentation, and other questions, please visit  official Chat API portal..


How does the connection happen?


Schematically, the connection process can be depicted as follows:

1. Registration in Chat API;
2. Select the registration method in your personal Chat API cabinet and fill out the form for connecting WhatsApp Business API. You will be given two options - classic registration with deferred verification;

3. Subscribe to WhatsApp Business API with monthly charges;
4. Generate an API key in your personal 360 Dialog account;
5. Specify the API Key in your personal Chat API cabinet;
6. Approving message templates with Facebook;
7. Helping and receiving messages in WhatsApp Business API;
8. Connecting WhatsApp Business API to HelpDeskEddy.


Connecting WhatsApp Business API to HelpDeskEddy


To add a channel to the system, go from the Management module to the "Setting up communication channels" section and click the "Add Channel" button. You need to select the "WhatsApp Business Chat API" channel and the Department that will receive calls from the default channel.


Enter the name of the channel (optional), API URL and Token (you can copy them from your personal Chat API account):





After you click on the "Synchronize and Save" button, a "Connection successfully established" notification will be displayed. All messages that you will receive in your Whatsapp account will now be displayed in the system as requests.


To work with requests from a channel in the "Omnichannel" module, you additionally need to enable the displaying of requests from this channel. You can do it in the subsection "Omnichannel settings" of the module by checking the box "Display channels" next to the necessary channel:



Answers to frequently asked questions about connecting WABA can be found by the link, as well as from the Chat API support team.