AMOcrm integration

How to integrate AMOcrm with HelpDeskEddy system?

1) First you need to give integration access to the necessary group of employees in the Groups, access rights menu in the Integration tab. Select here the necessary modules and save.



2) Then the Integration section will appear in the menu, where you need to enter data from the AmoCRM.

  • The first is a subdomain - copy it and paste.
  • Then you need to insert the API key, which is located in the Settings, in the API tab.
  • And the last item is a login (email) from AmoCRM.

Click the Save button and then we can synchronize users from AmoCRM to HelpDesk and vice versa.



3) After synchronization, you can go to the user card in the HDE and view its contact details in AmoCRM, add, edit and delete current tasks and user deals.

For example, let's add a new task and a deal:

  • For the task, select the date which needs to be completed, Type, Description, and click the Add button.


  • For the deal, select its status, amount, name, and then add it. The total amount of all user transactions will be displayed below:



4) Go to AmoCRM and see that both the deals and the tasks were automatically synchronized with the HelpDeskEddy system.
Synchronization will also work in the opposite direction.


We hope that this integration will help you attract new and retain current customers, as well as bring the process of communication with them to a new, most comfortable level.