WhatsApp Integration #284

To connect the Whatsapp channel to HelpDeskEddy system you need to:

1) Open the necessary department where you are going to connect the channel and go to the following link:



2) On the site https://app.chat-api.com you need to register and then log in:



3) If your account is registered less than a month ago, you need to go through a secure authorization to reduce the likelihood of blocking, then you will be prompted to install the extension in the browser:



4) If your account was registered more than a month ago, click on the "Normal Authorization" button.

To send and receive messages, you must authorize the server as WhatsApp Web:

  • 1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • 2. Click Settings-> Whatsapp WEB and then press Add button
  • 3. Scan the code and wait 1 minute.
  • 4. Keep your phone connected to the internet

The code can be scanned within 1 minute after loading. Sending messages will be available immediately after authorization



5) After the scanning, you will see the following interface, where you need to enable all notifications, and then copy the API URL and Token to the system to connect the channel:



6) In case of correct settings will be appeared following information: "Connection has been successfully established":



All messages that you will receive in your Whatsapp account will be displayed in the system. This also applies to group chats - i.e. if you are in a specific Whatsapp group, then the system will also display all messages that users of this group write:



Please note that this solution is implemented by third-party developers and is free only for the first three days of use. Further, the cost is 900 rubles per month - you can pay for the functionality in your account by logging to https://app.chat-api.com/




Chat API integration is an UNOFFICIAL solution. For all questions regarding the performance of the WhatsApp channel, you need to write directly to the Chat API developers.

Using this integration may violate WhatsApp rules and result in your account being blocked.

You can also see the instructions in our short video: