Macros #133

The system has Global (created by administrators and available to assigned groups of employees) and Personal macros.

Macros allow you to automate the work of the customer support service and significantly reduce the time to perform routine actions. For example, there are tickets that regularly need to change the department, assign a certain performer, change the priority and set a certain SLA. Instead of a whole series of actions, using a pre-prepared Macro - all actions can be performed with a single click.

To create a global Macro, go to Management à Global Macros à Add a Global Macro.

To create a personal Macro, go to Personal settings à Macros à Add a Customer Macro.

In the case of the Global Macro, the system will offer you to set the accesses to the created Macros. Separation is possible by Groups or by Departments.

Also, you can select a checkbox and make the macros tool permanently available on the main panel or in the ticket. By default, Macros fall into the appropriate list, but there is an option to move the most popular Macros on the panel, for execution with one click.

Next, you should enter a set of actions that the Macro will execute.

In case you have any questions - feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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