Equipment Module, Customer Equipment Control #112

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How it works and how to use the new module?

The first step is to activate the module (it is not available in the system by default and requires a separate activation). To do this, go to: Control - Groups, Access Rights - Edit Administrator and Employee - Global Modules, tick Equipment and save the settings.

After module activation in the section Contact each Customer company (Organization) will have the tab Equipment - it specifies the customer equipment. When you create the Equipment you have an opportunity to enter the Article, serial number and description of the equipment. Also, if necessary, the equipment may be entered as a tree structure. For example, the Computer may consist of various components - if necessary they can be entered into the structure.

When creating an application, the user will be able to add equipment related to the application and the employee will be able to edit this information in the future. Also, when you click on any equipment, a card will appear, where you can enter notes and view the history of applications associated with the selected equipment.

Search for equipment and work with it is carried out in the section: Contacts - Equipment.